Instructional Dive French System

Get your french level (ANMP or FFESSM) and start to dive with a good level in a safe system.


level 1

Get your first diving level ! Learn the basic rules to dive with a monitor : how to clear out your mask, control your buoyancy, how to react in front of a problem. In 3 days minimum and 4 dives, gest your level 1 ! 

Price : 40 000 XPF



Be faster and deeper, learn autonomy and deepness or both together withe the level 2 and 3. Orientation, anticipation, deal with any troubles and learn how to help a diver in distress are on the training course. 

Price N2  et N3 : 75 000 XPF



Start to have responsibilities, from level 4 to Federal Monitors 1 or 2. Become actor of the diving sector by teaching your knowledge to the young divers !

Price N4 : 120 000 XPF