Our dives


First dive

Discover the underwater beauties with a first dive framed with our monitors.


Instructional dive

Start your dive with your first level or improve yourself from autonomy, nitrox or instructor.


Fun dive

Enjoy the Tahitian big blue with a divemaster or without, depending your level.


Whales Watching

Go meet the biggest animal of the Earth during a 3h trip.
Our monitors will explain you all the details and secrets of the humpback whales, their origines, their behaviours, their habits and their food.

Price : 11 500 XPF

Dolphins Watching

Come admire the Stenella longirostris or spinner dolphins during a 2h trip. With friends, family or your lover, we will try to approach those mammals and snorkel with them if the weather is good.

Price : 9 000 XPF



Sunset Trip

Go watch the most beautiful tahitian landscape with a captain who will tell you some secrets of the island. The sunset behind Moorea island is definitely one of the most beautiful sunset you'll see in your whole life ever !

Price : 8 000 XPF

Tiger Shark Experience

tigres Bègue (1).JPG

The most thrilling tiger shark dive

Submerge yourself with one of the biggest shark of the world during a great 2 tanks dive. You can try to see this 4m long shark during all the year ! 
This one day trip will be on our boat Zebubbles, first dive on the morning following by a lunch and a second dive during the afternoon.
Our specialists will explain you all the secrets of this wonderful animal. 

10 divers maximum and 3 minimum
Price : 30 000 XPF

tigres Bègue (3).JPG
Permis bateau 3.jpg

Boat Licence

Get your boat licence in 10 days with 7h30 of theory and 6h of practice. A long training for a better learning with 100% chances of success !

Price : 22 000 XPF (+ 8 000 tax stamps)

Zeboat 4.jpg